Entry: cOmpletely relieved Aug 13, 2003

Well i'm mostly just new here but i'm gonna break the ice and tell you what i did today..first of all..i'm just happy that i got to speak to my baby last night..i called him when i was over at paseo running with my dad..my 3 younger brothers were riding their bikes and stuff around us..i called my baby on my dad's cell at around 8 i think..i haven't spoken to him in like 3 or 4 days..i guess he was busy doing his own thing..he told me he hasn't really slept for a couple of days..poor guy..he's been going to job interviews..getting ready for school and stuff..his little brother and his sister are gonna be coming back here from cali..the mom's having problems i guess with them out there..they'll be here on the 15th..so i told hi that i'm gonna let him go so he can do what ever..then we put the bikes back onto my car..and we left to eat at mickey d's..yumm..it was pretty good..had a big mac..messy burger..just falls apart everywhere..lol..then we headed over to my dad's work and i downloaded some songs there..mostly emo one for my boyfriend..and some underground goups that my friend dex told m about..then we went home..got here like around 10 or 10:30..my dad got on the phone right away to talk to his "girlfriend" in the philipines..i don't really like her at all..but i don't really care what my dad does..in a way i do..and in a way i don't..kinda weird huh?..so my baby calle me at like 10 till midnight..we just talked for a while..cuz then all of a sudden my little brother wanted to go on the net and play these games online..i told him to call me back in an hour..so he called at like 1:30 in the mornijg..we talked for about an hour..telling each other what we've been up to since the last time we spoke to each other and stuff..i had to let him go so he could wake up and get an early start..he had to go pick up these things to show for his job interview..i'm not sure what he's gonna be doing but he'll tell me when he gets it..so then after we got off the phone..i went online to try and update my xanga journal..it's kinda giving me problems so i decided to try a new site.but just to check it out and stuff..i'm not too sure if i'll keep blogging here..but anyways..i got off the net at around 4 in the morning and fell asleep..got up today at freaken 8 in the morning..only 4 hours of sleep..damn..that's pretty short..i have to start getting used to sleeping early cuz my schools gonna be starting next week tuesday..but this friday i'm gonna meet my boyfriend at the "all ages show"..its this mosh that they have every month..so my summer wasn't too boring this year..well i've said way too much for a beginner here..lol..so later dayz!


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