Entry: bruised and brOken Aug 16, 2003

right now it's like 5 in the morning..i can't sleep..my bruise hurts from moshing..awww..i haven't seen my baby since 2 weeks ago..man thats so long for me..i wanna see him soon..his sis and his little brother came in today..i almost ended up kissing my exs' friend alex..he's kinda cute and stuff..but i mean..whoa i almost did something wrong ya know..whew..i mean i don't know why i wanted to..but i almost did..we moshed a little before i had to go..man that was so fucken cool..i think i kinda regret not kissing that guy..he likes me and all..he's pretty obvious..and he's cool..he said i'm hot..lol..wow..that's very...umm..unexpected..then thats when he asked me if i wanted to kiss..i was shocked..i wasn't thinking of kissing anyone at the moment..i said ya..but then my friend kept coming over and interupting us..lol..but then it's ok.maybe when i see him next time..i'll probably work up courage to do it that time..when ever that'll be that is..well i'm getting tired right now..later dayz!


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